What Percent of 480 is 160?

Finding what percent of one number is another number can be a tricky problem to solve. However, it is actually quite simple when you utilize the right equation. In mathematics, the equation to find the percent of a number is “percent = (number/total) x 100”. In the case of finding what percent of 480 is 160, this equation can easily be used to find the answer.

To begin, we will take the two numbers given in the problem, 480 and 160, and plug them into the equation. Starting with the numerator, we place the number that is being divided (160) first, followed by the denominator (480). So now, the equation looks like this: percent = (160/480) x 100. After finishing this step of the equation, it is time to solve for the percent.

To solve for the percent, we will use basic algebra. First, we will divide the numerator (160) by the denominator (480). This will give us the decimal 0.3333. After finding this decimal, we will then multiply it by 100. This will give us the answer of 33.33. However, this answer is not in percent form. To make it into a percent, we will simply move the decimal two places over to the right, giving us the final answer of 33.33%.

Therefore, the answer to the question of “What percent of 480 is 160?” is 33.33%. This answer was found by using the basic equation of “percent = (number/total) x 100” and solving for the percent.

Examples of Percent Problems

Examples of Percent Problems

The equation used to find the percent of a number can be used in many different types of problems. For example, you can use it to find what percent of a number is another number, or to find the base number when given the percent and the total. Here are a few more examples of problems that can be solved with the equation “percent = (number/total) x 100”:

  • What percent of 500 is 375?
  • If 45% of something is 8, what is the total?
  • If the total is 240 and the percent is 25%, what is the number?

All of these types of problems can be solved with the same equation, which makes it a great tool to have in your mathematical tool belt.

In conclusion, the equation “percent = (number/total) x 100” can be used to easily solve percent problems. It can be used to find the percent of a number, the base number when given the percent and the total, and much more. Utilizing this equation can make finding the answer to percent problems simple and straightforward.