Volume of Spheres Homework 3 Answer Key

Calculating the volume of spheres is a basic mathematics skill. It is an important skill to understand in order to calculate the volume of a variety of shapes, such as cylinders and cones. Learning to calculate the volume of spheres can help students understand other more complex calculations.

Homework 3 for volume of spheres is an exercise to help students practice and understand the concept. This homework involves finding the volume of spheres given the radius. The answer key for this homework is provided below.

Answer Key

Answer Key

The answer key for Homework 3 is as follows:

  • Question 1: 4.19
  • Question 2: 33.51
  • Question 3: 268.08
  • Question 4: 4,188.79
  • Question 5: 33,333.33

By completing this homework and understanding the answer key, students can get a better grasp on calculating the volume of spheres.

The answer key for Volume of Spheres Homework 3 helps students understand how to calculate the volume of spheres. By mastering this skill, students can then move onto more complex calculations. Understanding the answer key can help students complete future homework assignments with ease.