The Promises of Al-Anon

Al-Anon is a support group for those who have a loved one suffering from alcoholism. The organization is based on the 12-step program that was originally created by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The 12-steps focus on accepting responsibility and taking action to help the person struggling with alcoholism. The group also provides members with a sense of community, hope, and understanding.

At the heart of Al-Anon are the Promises. These promises are not rules or commandments, but rather affirmations of hope and comfort. They are meant to be guiding principles for those in the program, helping to keep the focus on recovery and healing.

The Nine Promises of Al-Anon

The Nine Promises of Al-Anon

The Nine Promises of Al-Anon are as follows:

1. We can find happiness, serenity, and peace of mind even if our lives are touched by alcoholism.

2. We can learn to accept people and situations as they are, and still work towards change and growth.

3. We can draw strength from the wisdom and experience of others who have faced similar challenges.

4. We can learn to focus on ourselves and improve our own lives, even if our loved ones cannot or will not recover.

5. We can cope with our emotions and find new ways to express them.

6. We can develop our own set of values and beliefs, and use them to make decisions and take action.

7. We can change our attitudes and behaviors to reflect our new understanding of life.

8. We can learn to forgive ourselves and others, and let go of our resentments.

9. We can find joy and fulfillment in life, even through difficult times.

The Promises of Al-Anon provide a source of hope and comfort for those dealing with alcoholism. They can be used as a way to stay focused on recovery and to make positive changes in one’s life. Furthermore, they can be a source of strength and courage for those who are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.

Finally, the Promises of Al-Anon remind us that our own happiness and well-being are important, no matter what our loved ones are going through. They provide assurance that we can find peace and joy in our lives, even in the midst of difficult times.