Major in Meanness Chapter 1: An Introduction

Major in Meanness is a series of books written by author J.S. Johnson. The series follows the lives of two best friends, Tom and Sally, as they navigate the mean-spirited world of high school and all the drama that comes with it. In chapter one, readers are introduced to the characters and the setting of the series, as well as the struggles they will face moving forward.

The first chapter introduces Tom and Sally, who have been best friends since they were children. Tom is an average student who dreams of becoming a professional athlete, while Sally is an honor roll student whose dream is to become a doctor. As the chapter begins, the two are discussing their hopes and fears for the upcoming academic year, and the reader is able to get a glimpse of their personalities and motivations.

The chapter also introduces the other characters in the series, including Meanie, the school bully. Meanie is the leader of a gang of mean-spirited kids who take great pleasure in making life difficult for Tom and Sally. The reader learns of Meanie’s motivations and gets a glimpse of the chaotic world that Tom and Sally will soon find themselves in.

The chapter also establishes the setting for the series: a small town in the Midwest. Here, Tom and Sally will find themselves surrounded by people who are either trying to help them or trying to make their lives miserable. The chapter does a great job of setting up the stakes for the series, as well as establishing the characters and the world they inhabit.

Major in Meanness Chapter 1 does a great job of introducing the characters, setting, and stakes of the series. The reader is given insight into the personalities of Tom and Sally, as well as the motivations of Meanie and his gang. The chapter establishes the small town setting in which the series takes place and sets up the struggles that Tom and Sally will face as they navigate the mean-spirited world of high school.