Can a Polar Bear Go on a Safari? Answer Key

The answer to the question “Can a polar bear go on a safari?” is a definite no. Polar bears are some of the most majestic creatures in the animal kingdom, but they are not built to survive in the African savannah. These huge white bears live in the Arctic regions of the world, and they are not well-suited to the heat and humidity of a safari.

Reasons Why a Polar Bear Can’t Go on a Safari

Reasons Why a Polar Bear Can't Go on a Safari

One of the primary reasons why a polar bear cannot go on a safari is due to the fact that the climate is very different from their natural habitat. Polar bears live in cold, icy regions, and the temperatures in the African savannah can be extremely hot. This means that polar bears would not be able to cope with the hot temperatures and high humidity.

Another reason why a polar bear cannot go on a safari is because of their diet. Polar bears are carnivores and only eat meat. In the African savannah, the food sources for polar bears would be much different from what they are used to. This means that they would not be able to find food to eat while they are on the safari.

Polar bears also have very thick fur coats which help them survive in the Arctic regions. This fur coat would be a hindrance in the African savannah, as it would make them overheat much quicker and would not be able to regulate their body temperature as efficiently.



In conclusion, polar bears cannot go on a safari. This is due to a combination of factors, such as the climate, diet and the thick fur coat. Therefore, it is not possible for a polar bear to go on a safari.