Alice and Her 1/6 of a Box of Cereal

Alice was a young girl with a big appetite for cereal. She had had a long day of school and was ready for a snack. She reached into the cupboard, grabbed a box of cereal, and opened it to find that there was only 1/6 of the box left. She was a bit disappointed but still excited to have a snack.

Why Is There Only 1/6 of the Box Left?

Why Is There Only 1/6 of the Box Left?

Alice wondered why there was only 1/6 of a box of cereal left. She knew that her mom had just gone to the store the day before and she was sure that she had purchased the same box of cereal. After a few moments of thought, Alice realized that her little brother must have eaten the other 5/6 of the box while she was at school. She was a bit frustrated but she was still determined to enjoy her snack.

Alice’s Cereal Snack

Alice's Cereal Snack

Alice took out a bowl and poured the remaining 1/6 of the box of cereal into it. She then added a few spoonfuls of milk and grabbed a spoon. She sat down on the couch and began to enjoy her snack. She was surprised at how good it was, even though it was only 1/6 of a box of cereal. She finished her snack in no time and was feeling quite satisfied.

Alice’s Solution to Avoid Future Disappointment

Alice's Solution to Avoid Future Disappointment

Alice knew that she had to come up with a solution to avoid a similar disappointment in the future. She knew that she would have to make sure that her little brother did not eat the entire box of cereal again. She decided that the best way to do this would be to hide the cereal in a place that her brother could not find it. She put the box of cereal in a secret spot and made sure to tell no one where it was.

Alice’s clever strategy of hiding the cereal worked out perfectly. Her little brother never found the box and she was able to enjoy her favorite snack without any more disappointment. She had learned a valuable lesson about how to protect her food and she was sure to remember it in the future.