A Zombie, Mummy, and Ghost Bought a House

It was a strange day when a zombie, mummy, and ghost decided to buy a house together. They had been living together for some time in a cramped apartment and wanted to find something more permanent. They had saved up enough money to purchase a house and were ready to start their search.

The first house they looked at was a quaint two-bedroom bungalow, with a small garden and a picket fence. The zombie found it too quiet, the mummy found the walls too thin, and the ghost found the garden too bright. So, they all decided it wasn’t the right house for them.

Next, they looked at a large colonial home with a pond in the backyard. The zombie liked the size of the house, the mummy liked the security of the thick walls, and the ghost liked the privacy of the backyard. They all agreed this was the house they wanted.

The trio had to go through a few hoops to get the house approved. The realtor had a hard time convincing the bank that a zombie, mummy, and ghost could be responsible homeowners. Eventually, they got the house approved and moved in. Their friends and family were a bit skeptical at first, but eventually came around and accepted their new living situation.

The zombie, mummy, and ghost have been living happily in their new house for many years now. They’ve become popular around the neighborhood, throwing spooky themed parties and inviting their friends and family over for dinner. Who would have thought a zombie, mummy, and ghost could make such a great home?

It’s amazing to think that a zombie, mummy, and ghost could come together and purchase a house. They had to jump through a few hoops, but eventually they found the perfect home. Now they live happily together in their new house, enjoying their new found freedom.